Minstream Foundation is incorporated by Mainstream Energy Solutions Limited (MESL). The Foundation aim's at coordinating the humanitarian intervention of the company through it Corporate Social Responsibility while the company focus on its core business of generating electricity. The Foundation focuses on key areas like education, health, environment and community empowerment.

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  • NO.6 Yedseram Crescent
    Off IBB Way Maitama
    Abuja - Nigeria
  • phone: +234 (0)9094001000
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Projects Under Execution

The Company has embarked on numerous Corporate Social Responsibility Projects running into millions of Naira. We would continue to touch the Lives of the Communities around our Dams by our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects. Some of these projects under execution include:

  • Construction and rehabilitation of Mzamiyu primary sschool in Yawri Local Governemnt Area of Kebbi State
  • Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of Libate primary school in Ngaski Local Government area of Kebbi State
  • Rehabilitation of 108 meter long metal Bridge at Awuru in Borgu Local Government.
  • Rehabilitation of community water supply in Zamure, Yawri Local Government Area of Kebbi State.
  • Rehabilitation of Examination Hall at Government Secondary School, Shagunu
  • Rehabilitation of collapsed ceilings in Shagunu Primary Health Care Clinic.
  • Rehabilitation of 1 block of Class room at Kuruwasa.
  • Completion of abandoned class room building at Kuruwasa.